Old Hobbies Die Hard

Years ago I took a watercolor class at the local art gallery.  The instructor* was an art professor from one our local colleges.  I loved it.  But then I had a baby (and a demanding job) and all things artistic -other than knitting and quilting- sort of fell by the wayside.  That baby is now 22 years old and I don’t work anymore so I have lots of time to tinker with old hobbies.

A couple of weeks ago I went to one of those “paint and pour nights”. . . the kind where everyone attempts to recreate the same painting under the influence of a little wine.  I had a great time playing with paint, drinking wine, and hanging with the girls.  We used inexpensive acrylic paints on canvas.  I’m still thinking about whether I liked acrylics.  Time will tell.  But I did pick up some new watercolors since my old tubes – well they were pitched several years ago when they were already quite old.  So yesterday, I sat down and played a bit.  It’s a still work in progress, but I had a blast- even if I’ve forgotten much of what I learned.  I just keep telling myself that nothing in art is technically wrong.  Right?   One thing I remember reading (after the fact) was that if it looks right when you put it down, it’s wrong.  The colors will be more dilute as it dries.  There’s a lot of truth in that, since this morning I was making adjustments.  So here’s a sneak peek:



(*Note- I did a quick “Google” of the professor, Dr. Larry Calhoun,  only to find that, sadly,  he passed away this past March.)

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