Wednesday Work in Progress (WIP)

We’ve lived in our house for almost 22 years.  The large central foyer and stairs had wallpaper.  Ugly.  White on white striped VINYL wallpaper.  But it was a daunting task to consider taking it off so we lived with it.  And I would need tall ladders.  And I don’t like to paint.  (Read that again and hear the WHINE in my voice!)  So two years ago my son’s roommate came to stay the summer with us and he offered to strip the wallpaper and paint it for us.  I was thrilled.  After three months (only a day of work really) all most of the wallpaper was off…and no painting at all.  <sigh>

So I started calling painters.  One returned my call (he’s painted for us twice before).  Promised to stop by.  Never seen or heard from again.  The next guy made an appointment to come by and never showed up.  Two never returned calls.  Finally last year I had one guy show up and give me an estimate.  We were set to have it done when we came back from Europe in October.  Then I got hurt and the stay lasted until December.  And when we were ready, the painter was committed to several commercial projects and said he didn’t have time.  But he recommended someone else and this has worked out well.

Today I have painted walls instead of bare plaster walls with drawings and signatures all over it.

Charlie Chaplin drawing dated 1915.

Charlie Chaplin drawing dated 1915.

Our house was built in the late 1800’s and most of the walls have never been painted -just papered.  The earliest signature was from 1901.

FullSizeRender (5)

This family lived in our house for 44 years!

FullSizeRender (4)

Mr. Stamforth hung the wallpaper in 1945.

It was our very own little episode of If These Walls Could Talk!  These kinds of things were on every single wall.  In every single room of our house.

And there was a setback here and there like when the paper in the upstairs hall came down and the plaster underneath was falling off – same with a section of the ceiling.  Yes, there was wallpaper on the ceiling.



And there was a little mishap/miscommunication though.  I picked out one shade of gray (Elephant Skin Gray) for the foyer and a lighter shade (Fossil Gray) for the upstairs hall.

The lighter color is a Glidden color.  The darker is Behr.

The lighter color is a Glidden color. The darker is Behr.

They painted my ceilings the lighter gray and all the walls the darker before they figured it out.  OOPS!  But they did an terrific job of changing gears and doing it over.  It’s not done yet but I keep walking through there and it doesn’t even look like my house.   New switches and doorbell will be install tonight.  And maybe a new light fixture too if I can get kiddo to go to Lowes and pick it up.

FullSizeRender (2)

It’s one coat. And far from finished, but I’m so thrilled.

And it’s only taken 22 years!

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