A is for ABSENT

Allow me to introduce Yukon (aka Dogface).

Yep.  I’ve been AWOL for a few months now.  No particular reason other than I just haven’t spent that much time on my computer – and I have a huge queue of unread email to show for it.  And it’s not that I don’t think about writing blog posts because I do.  Often even.  It seems as if  there’s a disconnect when it comes to taking those ideas and putting them down for all to read.  But a few weeks ago (in a forum on Ravelry – the “Facebook” for knitters like myself) I noticed a challenge.  26 blog posts ranging from A-Z.  So here goes.  I vow not to be absent any longer.  So sit back and relax and prepare for what will undoubtedly be an eclectic mix of topics.

Absence of occupation is not rest; A mind quite vacant is a mind distressed.  William Cowper

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