Chip It!

Chips.  They come in all varieties.  Chips off the old block.  Chipped crockery.  Chip shots (I hate golf with a passion).  Chips on shoulders.  Chocolate chips.  Potato chips – or crisps – if you hail from the other side of the pond.  Cow chips.  And. . . paint chips. 

I stumbled onto a wonderful little tool on the Sherwin Williams website.  It’s called “Chip It!”  Basically, you upload a photo to use (or download the little toolbar thing that works a little like the one for Pinterest) and the website creates a palette of paint colors that coordinate with your image.  I used a vintage Christmas card and here’s what it came up with:

Chip it 1

How awesome is THAT?  As you can see, you can edit the colors by dragging and dropping. You can print them out or save them too. Can you envision the possibilities?  Besides the obvious home decor uses, I can see using this to create a color palette for a sweater, mittens (I’m thinking these), scarf, or quilt project.  Or what about choosing plants/colors for your landscaping?  You could use it for just about anything where you might need a color scheme. Endless possibilities! 

When I did this one, a few reds showed up as well but none that I liked. I am thinking about creating a digital scrapbook kit around this scheme and I’d like some red in it.  So I set out to create a perfect red for the palette . . .

I used an eyedropper tool found in the Mozilla tool bar (web developer tools) to sample a red from the image. A quick click copied the hexadecimal code number to my clipboard.  Next, I found an online converter to switch that hex number to RGB values that I can use to recolor my digital scrapbook goodies in my scrapbooking software.

Screen shotA search of converters brought up several possibilities, this is just the one I chose to use.  And it was FREE – always a good thing. 

And besides all the useful applications, Chip It!  is just fun to play with.  Find a picture.  Try it out! 




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