New Favorites (and a few old ones too)

Holy cow!  Has it really been a month since I wrote a post here??  I’d like to say I have been really busy.  Really, really, super busy.  But maybe not.  So what little thing triggered the response that led to this blog post?  Well, another blog of course!!!  Which is my first new favorite.

Rubber Shoes in Hell.  Seriously, what a great name!  I love quirky titles on anything.  Yarn.  Books.  Blogs.  Wine, even.  And this one is a gem.  Maybe it’s the fact that we are both women of a “similar age”?  Or that we the share experience of raising a son?  Perhaps a similar sense of humor.  Or that some of the discussions with her husband remind me of the tenor discussions with my own?  Or that we both think Donald Trump is a narcissist? Whatever the reason, I love this blog and encourage you take a peek.

“Captain Serious” kisses the cup.

Blackhawks Hockey.  My gosh, what a long dry summer without hockey to watch especially on the heels of the Stanley Cup win.  But theeeeeeyyyyy’rrrrre baaaaaack…but without a few of my favorites.  Losing Brandon Saad was heartbreaking.  Same with Patrick Sharp.  And there were others.  Several.  The words “SALARY CAP” are definitely not favorites of any hockey fan.  Or player.  Or team for that matter.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Zoodles.  A.K.A. Zucchini noodles.  I’ve been making them for years now using a vegetable peeler for ribbon-like noodles.  But they got so much better when I bought a spiral slicer.  If you want to see how I make them, check it out here on the Against All Grain blog.  She has some great grain free recipes.  I wrote about the slow cooker Moroccan chicken recipe some time ago.  Since then I’ve made it again. . . only not in the slow cooker and I found it to be better.  And the “cauliflower cous cous” is the best stuff for those who’ve given up grain.  But back to the zoodles.  I use them instead of spaghetti and they are awesome!!  Just make to use at least one zuke per person because they sort of shrink down a bit.

I love it so much!!

I love it so much!!

A song from this album came on the radio last weekend and I fell in love with it all over again.

Biscotte Yarn

Now I haven’t actually touched this yarn.  I hope it feels as nice as it looks.  The self-striping colorways are just beautiful and I can’t wait to knit with it.  (If you read the Rubber Shoes in Hell blog post from above, this might make great fin mittens for homeless sharks!)

Clown fish colorway will become a pair of Dory socks!

Clown fish colorway will become a pair of Dory socks!

Hawks Win!!

My beloved Blackhawks won last night. (And it gave my my “H” prompt – for my 26 blog posts.  I’ve been stumped on that letter and I have NO idea why.  But I digress. . . .)

As a young girl, I am told I loved football.  My parents said I even kept asking for my own football.  I hate football now – as I find it to be about as boring as watching golf (another “sport” I loathe).  But what I DO love is hockey.  This came a surprise to my husband and son a few years ago when they started watching and I was able to discuss players of old.  Thankfully, I grew up without a television until I was in high school when my parents were gifted a TV or we probably wouldn’t have had one then.  What we did have though was a great stereo (complete with a set of musical soundtracks) – almost always tuned into KMOX radio in St. Louis. I’d bet money that my parents clock radio in their bedroom is still tuned to this station.  Anyway. . . the result was the I listened to almost every single Cardinals baseball game (football Cardinals too in the days before they packed up and moved to Arizona) and every single Blues hockey game.  By rights, I should be a Blues fan.  I say they are my “second” team but in all honesty, I really don’t like them that much for a variety of reasons.  I guess I’m, at heart, an Original 6 girl.  Specifically the Chicago Blackhawks!   Readers who watch hockey will know that “my” team is in the Stanley Cup playoffs fighting for the Western Division Championship.  So for a few random thoughts on Blackhawks hockey:

Overtime.  It seems that the Blackhawks have a knack for taking games to OT- several times.  In round one against Nashville, it took three overtimes.  By the time the winning goal was scored just a few minutes into the third OT, it was already 1:00 a.m.  Last night they did it again with the Ducks.  But the winning goal came much later into the third OT.  And I stayed up to watch every nail-biting minute of it.  Until Kruger ended it with a win for the Hawks.

Andrew Shaw.  I love this kid’s grit and spirit.

And this goal brought a cheer from my living room even though it didn’t count.  I love watching #65 play.  You can’t blame a kid for trying though.

Beards.  I read an article a few years ago that called the playoffs something like “men in beards playing hockey into the wee hours”.  Just what’s so great about a playoff beard?  Well it just happens that research has shown that women like them.  I’m sure that’s not why they grow them, but I’d bet it’s why many seem to sport a beard year round now. There are entire articles and blog posts about the playoff beards.

So, on this lazy, sleepy Wednesday morning, I leave you with this thought: