An Experiment in Scones

Grain-free Cinnamon Pecan Scones

Grain-free Cinnamon Pecan Scones

So calling these a scone might actually be a stretch.  I think maybe I need to research recipes for gluten-free scones rather than grain-free (and also gluten free).  These came from the Wheat Belly 30 Minute (or less) Cookbook.  I guess they tasted okay.  My husband said he liked them – but he hardly ever says he doesn’t like something I make unless it’s cauliflower. I found the texture to be a bit too crumbly.  Not dry at all, but it just wasn’t what I think of when I think of scones.  I can make a traditional, awesome scone with wheat flour. (sigh).  The quick mug muffin from the same cookbook is amazing though.  So I will continue my quest for a gluten free scone that tastes and feels like a “real” scone.

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