I’ve Gone Crackers!

I have another recipe to share.  I know that grains are not my friend, but since coming home from Germany, I’ve eaten far too many.  Remaining gluten free. . .but eating far too much rice and corn. A few were okay – as I actually needed to put a few pounds back on that I lost while in the hospital.   I bought some great blue cheese at Whole Foods in St. Louis last week and needed a cracker. Need?  Want?  meh.  A soft, cream cheese like this just screams for a cracker!

St. Agur blue cheese.  A new favorite!

St. Agur blue cheese. A new favorite!

So a quick search turned up The Nourishing Home and these little gems. (How did we cook before we had the internet??)

Simply Herb Grain-Free Crackers

Simply Herb Grain-Free Crackers

They were a hit with my husband as well. They were quick to make (I threw everything in the Kitchen-Aid mixer) and only require a few simple staples from the pantry. I didn’t modify the recipe at all and they turned out quite well.  I added dried rosemary and parsley this time.  Next time, who knows.  I do think Herbs de Provence would be terrific in these. Or maybe garlic and Parmesan?   My only issue is that the ones along the outside of my baking sheet got way too dark  compared to the ones on the inside.  But maybe I rolled them a little thin? She says to store them in the freezer but I don’t think they are going to last that long!

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