OMG – The Agony

That would be the agony of grocery shopping.  I detest just about everything about it.   A few random thoughts – well maybe they might be better classified as pet peeves.

1.  When you’re spanking beating your kid’s ass in the aisle of ALDI and he’s laughing like a maniac – well it’s obviously not effective.  Seriously, this mom was thumping on her kid.  She stopped traffic in the store – literally.   He was maybe 5 years old and he continued to laugh, not one yelp or tear.  I get that the laughter might really send a certain kind of parent into a frenzy, but it was completely inappropriate.  Not to mention awkward for everyone else who witnessed it.  And then she pulled out all the stops and said, “I have my phone in my hand.  I’m calling your dad.”  I don’t even know what to say – except it does make me happy that I’ve retired from teaching.

2. People who just stand in front of a refrigerated case and stare like they’ve never seen cottage cheese before?  There are exactly TWO kinds at ALDI – so there’s really no big choice to make.  You can see me waiting for you to move so I can get MY cottage cheese and yet you don’t move.  You looked at me no less than three times while I waited patiently.   And waited.  And waited.  (And their whole entourage actually took up most of the entire area while one person picked through all the yogurt for the right flavors.) Maybe I need to be more assertive and ask them to move?

3.  I actually like to bag my own groceries, but I’d pay extra for someone to come home and put the damn things away.

4.  Is it ever really okay to sample the produce??  I don’t think so.  How do you tell them to charge you for two more grapes?  Not to mention that the stuff hasn’t been washed yet.  Ewwwwwwww.

5.  Yes, I bring my own bags.  Deal with it.  (This isn’t a problem at ALDI, Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods where it’s expected and normal – only at other places where they just want you out of there as soon as possible.)

6.  The cart with the gimpy wheel.  You know the one!!  The wheel that refuses to turn and actually works like a brake on the cart.

7.  The way the store might have nine checkout lanes with one two open and people lined up for miles.

8.  Leaving the store to find a shopping cart resting against your car.

9.  Oh, and I forgot the damn list.  Again.

Alright.  Enough whining.  I’ve got to go put the groceries away. . .

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