Calling All Sheepdogs

I was at a law enforcement conference with my husband this week when I heard about the Hero911 Network.  Since the Sandy Hook shootings, there have been something like 74 school shooting incidents.  As a former teacher, I find the statistics both shocking and unacceptable.  The Hero911 non-profit network is a group of federal, state, and local law enforcement officers (including retirees) that have made it their goal to reduce the response time to school shooting incidents.  The average police response time is 18 minutes.  By alerting officers in the area  (yeah, there’s an APP for that) even before the 911 call is answered, it can mean that schools get help sooner and that lives are saved.  Awesome!   Follow the link.  Check it out.  And share it with cops and teachers you know!

(And if you are wondering about the sheepdog title. . . Here’s an article that explains it. 


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