Our Daily Bread

In January, we became a gluten-free household.  I realize it’s a sort of controversial subject sometimes, or at least it seems that way when I read online news stories about it recently.  “It’s a fad.”  “It’s a trend.”  And those are the nice things they say about people exercising their choice to control what they put in their bodies.  Until I read the book Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis, I didn’t give it much thought honestly.  But the past year I had been dealing with some significant shoulder pain issues not to mention weight had been creeping on.  The hubcap and I both read the book and decided that we would give it whirl to see if it made any difference.  The pain issue resolved itself within a few weeks.  Seriously.  Pain free.  That alone was worth it right there.  I told you it was significant pain.  It is TOTALLY worth no wheat pasta to feel good again.  AND since January I have lost 23 pounds and it’s still coming off even though I do eat moderate amounts of corn (we try to get non-GMO products but that’s more vague) and rice. We have committed to this.  Our friends say we eat like hippies, but my doctor tells me that I’m on the right track. 

That said,  the hubcap really likes sandwiches and did miss his bread.  The store bought stuff is not very good so I tried a few gluten-free low-carb bread recipes and wasn’t thrilled with the results either.  The ones with a lot of flax meal taste fishy to me.  Blech.   I do like fresh, home-made bread but can live without it.  So I just shoved finding a good bread recipe to the back burner.  But then I was browsing around in Pinterest and found this.  I ordered myself a bread shaped sandwich keeper (because yeah, we like our bread to look like bread) and got to work.  It took 85 seconds in the microwave and we had bread that hubby was happy with. 85 seconds, peeps!  And it toasted well too.  I think I owe Jillee at the One Good Thing blog a big thank you!! 


Jillee's Gluten-free bread. onegoodthingbyjillee.com

Jillee’s Gluten-free bread.




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