I’m thinking NEVER again.

Lately there have been scrapbook pages with a typographic portraits on them that really caught my eye. Not sure what it is about them, but I think they are so cool.  In an email this morning I  saw an online lesson being offered for $40.  I ask myself just how hard can it be?  I don’t need to spend $40 on it.  I’m a smart girl.  I can figure this out.  A quick search pulled up tutorial on YouTube.  I’m not sure what time i started this, but I was still having my morning coffee.  I finished about 4:30 this afternoon. HUGE time suck.  (All while my laundry was not getting done and my floors were not getting vacuumed. And my dog laid at my feet offering up an occasional big sigh.)  This project only confirmed what I have always thought and that is that Photoshop Elements sucks is not very easy to use (despite having a science degree).  I think my work was slowed down in part by the fact that the video wasn’t showing Elements and so I had to figure out, in some cases, what the commands were for my version. I think the guy did a great job of compressing an all day process into a 30 minute video though!  I’m sure if I look around, I can find an easier way to do this.  Maybe.  But then again, I’m not sure I want to do this again.  And the kicker is. . . I’m not sure that I really love it.  But I will use it in a scrapbook page because it seems a shame not to after all the effort.

  Type Portrait 3 copy -resized

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